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At Communicate Therapy Services our highly trained and skilled staff specializes in pediatric speech therapy, which works to treat children in Nampa with speech, language, reading, writing, fluency and social skills disorders. Therapists work closely with families to address the child’s needs and create individualized therapy plans to improve communication skills. As a parent you will be provided with resources and strategies to help your child reach their goals and continue their development through pediatric speech therapy.

Give your child the best chance for success by tackling their speech, writing, language, fluency and social problems head on with help from Communicate Therapy Services. Using leading therapy practices, our highly trained staff will give your child the tools they need to overcome a variety of pediatric speech issues.

Contact Communicate Therapy Services if you believe your child has:

Articulation disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Augmentative Communication
• Auditory processing disorder
Expressive language disorder
• Oral/written language disorders
Phonological awareness disorder
Receptive language disorder
Stuttering disorder

If your child has a speech, language, fluency, writing or social delay, make sure they get the help they need by scheduling an appointment with Communicate Therapy Services in Nampa.

Our speech language pathologist uses years of experience to help your child conquer their problems and ultimately improve their quality of life.

Ready to give your child the best chance at success? Call our Nampa office today at 208-466-9686 to schedule your first appointment or email at

Make sure you and your child are ready for your first pediatric speech therapy appointment by checking out our new patient resources.

4th Of July- Hours

Communicate Therapy Services will be closed on July 4th and will have modified hours on July 5th.  Please speak with your therapist about rescheduling your therapy session for that week. Have a great time celebrating the 4th of July with your family!!!! -The staff at Communicate Therapy Services

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing moms who work closely with the speech therapists to help their children’s speech and language skills grow!  We appreciate all your hard work and collaboration with the staff at Communicate Therapy Services.    

Collaboration was a success at Plant Night in Boise, Idaho

    The therapists at Communicate Therapy Services enjoyed a night away from the office to use their creativity in another way.  It was great to see all the pieces of the terrarium come together and be able to walk away with a beautiful creation.  It reminded me a great deal of the journey a

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