Cheerful diverse kids at Christmas: Cheerful diverse kids at Christmas

With the holiday quickly approaching a great home activity are sensory boxes.


  • A plastic container with a lid.
  • A filler material such as cotton balls, rice, pasta or beans. I love to use rice and cotton balls to represent snow.
  • Small cup and spoon
  • Items to place in the bin. To focus on vocabulary development, gather objects or pictures your child will see during the holidays (Santa, candy, snowman, present, flower, pine cone, ornament, lights, ect)

The links below are amazing from the TLC shop and Little Miss Edugator on Teacher pay teacher.  They are free resources they have so graciously shared.

You can also visit your local craft store or Dollar store and find small objects for the sensory box.  I love using the erasers at the Dollar Tree in Boise and Nampa.

Now that you have created the holiday sensory box, what do you do.

Pick a skill you would like your child to focus on.  Some options are:

  • Increase play activities for longer periods of time
  • Imitate actions in play- You find the object and make it do something. Encourage your child to do the same.   Examples would be to pat the rice, stir the cotton balls, have Santa jump up and down
  • Imitation of words.  Remember to model your verbal routine over and over.  “Look, Look, Look found it” or “pour out”
  • Increase receptive vocabulary by naming an object and helping your child find it. “Let’s dig and find the _____.”
  • Increase expressive vocabulary by finding an object and naming it. “We found a _______”
  • Develop describing skills by finding an object and describing it by its function, color, shape or where you would find it.
  • Focus on target speech sounds by placing objects/pictures that have your child’s speech sound in the sensory bin.

Enjoy all the endless possibilities with a holiday sensory bin.  If you have any questions about how to put one together for the holidays, please call Communicate Therapy Services in Nampa (208-466-9686).  Your speech language pathologist would be happy to brainstorm ways to use the holiday sensory bin at home.


Happy Holidays!!!!