Expressive Language Disorder

An expressive language delay/disorder is a communication disorder in which a child has difficulties expressing themselves. Areas of delay may be observed in vocabulary, grammar, responding to questions, and/or retelling stories or activities.

Red flags for a language delay:

By 12 months, is not babbling using different sounds, imitating different speech sounds and does not have at least one word.

By 2 years of age, is not saying more words each month, speaking in 2 or more word phrases or asking questions.

By 3 years of age, is not using words for almost everything, talking in 2-3 word sentences or asking why questions.

By 4 years of age, is not speaking using 4 word sentences, producing rhyming word pairs, using pronouns or talking about what happened during the day.

By 5 years of age, is not telling short stories, keeping a conversation going, using sentences that contain at least one action words or responds to basic questions.


If you have any concerns with your child’s language development and feel they may be inflicted with an expressive language discorder, contact Communicate Therapy Services, LLC in Nampa, Idaho for a language evaluation.